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27,81 EUR*
Details Foundation Zoho: Work and Create Online

Foundation Zoho With more than 1.3 million users and growing every week, Zoho is a popular online suite of productivity applications that include email, word processor, spreadsheet, accounting, collaboration, social networking and other creative tools ...

30,00 EUR*
Details The Multilingual Internet: Language, Culture, and Communication Online

The Multilingual Internet Two thirds of global Internet users are non-English speakers. Despite this, most scholarly literature on the Internet and Computer-Mediated-Communication (CMC) focuses exclusively on English. This book analyzes Internet ...

41,99 EUR*
Details Understanding Online Piracy: The Truth about Illegal File Sharing

To date, over 18,000 peer-to-peer users have been sued by the Recording Industry Association of America. While word of these suits is spreading, few supervising adults have the technical knowledge to determine whether and to what extent pirating may ...

43,50 EUR*
Details Enterprise Application Development with Visual C++ 2005 (Charles River Media Programming)

Enterprise Application Development with Visual C++ 2005 These two applications, a music server responsible for online purchase transaction processing, user registration, and MP3 download access management and a 3D Online Game Server and Web Service ...

131,60 EUR*
Details Participatory Culture, Community, and Play: Learning from Reddit (Digital Formations)

What does online community look like in the age of social networking? How do participatory culture platforms reflect both their designers' intentions and the desires of their users? In this incisive and timely work, Adrienne L. Massanari discusses how ...

28,99 EUR*
Details Privacy in Social Networks (Synthesis Lecutres on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery)

Privacy in Social Networks This synthesis lecture provides a survey of work on privacy in online social networks (OSNs). This work encompasses concerns of users as well as service providers and third parties. Our goal is to approach such concerns from ...